6 Ways Homeowners Can Use Gabions 

Gabions are indispensable elements of any construction project. Depending on the scope of the job and the material available, a gabion might be called for in the build of a retaining wall, an embankment, a wall, a retaining pond, a water feature, or anything else that demands a stable wall and an efficient working mechanism. No matter how modest your project is, or how big, you can always find a use for it.

Planter Box

A great alternative to paver stone planter boxes, gabions offer a similar sturdy structure and great looks. Homeowners can create a planter box that sits on the ground or next to a retaining wall by filling the bottom of the basket with stones. Not only does this method make for a decorative element for a garden, but the gabions are also easy to work with and offer advantages, such as great drainage for your plants.

Retaining Walls

Using gabions for retaining walls is not exclusive to commercial construction crews, making them perfect for homeowners looking to elevate and fortify their landscaping. Gabions are strong and durable and can be used to prevent soil erosion. You can make this work even more resistant by using soil and planting trees to add to the structural strength. Gabion Supply offers a wide range of small, medium, and large gabions in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Fire Pit
Enjoy a cool night outside around the fire? Gabions make excellent fire pits. The stones offer a great barrier between you and the fire while also providing a great appearance. They are very convenient to use and have a great appearance. Homeowners can also use gabion for the benches surrounding the fire pit to complete the look. Not only adding curb appeal to your home but also an exciting experience for all your guests. 


Hosting barbeques in the backyard can be tricky if you lack places to sit. Using gabion for a more structured seating design can be the best solution. Gabions are very low maintenance compared to traditional outdoor seating and are very easy to set up. This backyard addition will also add continuity to your outdoor space, making it an easy decision. 

Stone Cladding

You can also cover a wall or surface with stacked stones using gabions. This is a great way to add an interesting texture to any surface, especially a retaining wall or patio. Gabions are easily stacked, allowing you the ability to get to the desired height. The versatility of this design makes it a very attractive option for a variety of other applications.


You can use gabions to build a fence, or you can use them to add some extra security measures to your existing fence. They are long-lasting and will outlast the traditional wood fence. They're quite an attractive addition to any property, as well. You can choose from many designs, from simple chain-link fences to grandiose stone walls with elaborate gates and ancillary structures. You can use them to create a garden atmosphere or provide a decorative border to your property. Fences made of gabions can help you keep unwanted intruders out of your yard to feel more secure and upgrade your privacy. 

Gabions are still in high demand today and are used worldwide to construct everything from walls to birdbaths to retaining ponds. Homeowners can enjoy using gabions because they're easy to install and maintain. They're easy to work with, affordable, and provide a great way to elevate your landscaping design. It's no wonder why so many people use them for their projects. No matter what you need them for, you can rely on gabions to do the job right and last a long time.  If you have a project in mind for the upcoming year, consider installing some gabions. 

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