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Spring Lawn Care Tips  

After a long winter, the birds start to chirp and the weather starts to get warmer. Spring is here, and it's time to get your lawn back into shape.  Many homeowners in Charlotte tend to let their lawns go throughout winter due to snow and cold weather. Fortunately, with these springtime lawn care tips, you'll be able to take proper care of your yard every step of the way! 

Lawn Fertilization 

Fertilizing your lawn helps it recover from the stress of snow and ice, as well as all those brown leaves that have piled up over winter. The best time to fertilize your yard is between February - April. Additionally, it's always best to fertilize your lawn when you're not expecting rain for a day or two because fertilizing in the rain will wash away many of the nutrients that you apply.

Aeration and Overseeding 

Lawn aeration and overseeding can improve your yard's turf quality. To aerate, use a lawn aerator tool to poke small holes in the grass. This allows air and water to better penetrate the roots of your lawn - it also preps your lawn for overseeding. Overseeding provides necessary nutrients to your lawn that are not applied at other times during the year. These nutrients will help your grass to become thicker and stronger. Check out this blog on 10 signs it's time to aerate your lawn to learn more! 

Weed Control

Once the weather starts to warm up, it is the perfect time to start thinking about controlling weeds. Weeds will begin to sprout out of the ground at this time and it is important to be proactive about preventing them from taking over your lawn. If you let these weeds grow, they can easily take over your garden and lawn by choking out healthy grass. There are several ways that you can remove weeds on your own.  One way to do this is to pluck them out of the ground. This works well for smaller weeds, but you may want to consider using a chemical weed killer if there are too many weeds growing in your lawn or garden.

Professional Lawn Care Services

If you are feeling overwhelmed by springtime lawn care, it is important to remember that there are many professional services available for assistance. When you partner with The Green Team lawn care professionals in Charlotte, you can have your lawn looking its best in no time!  We use advanced techniques to ensure that your yard is the envy of the neighborhood. Contact us today! If you're considering a new lawn/property, connect with the team at Lodestone Real Estate to buy, sell, or invest in the North and South Carolina area!


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