Essential Tips For Relocating

Essential Tips For Relocating 

Moving: no one enjoys it, but it is an essential part of life. If you’re relocating for your job, you might already be worried about settling into your new role, managing responsibilities, and workplace culture. You don’t want to add additional stress to that; especially stress that comes from the logistics of moving. The good news is that Lodestone Real Estate is here to help. Below, we share essential tips to reduce the stress that accompanies relocation.

Choosing Your New Home

Looking for a place in a new city can be tricky to navigate, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhoods and general vibe. To ease into finding a home, start by researching different areas and the benefits of each based on proximity to school districts, distance to work, amenities, and more. A differentiator of the Lodestone team is that we’ve cultivated a team of neighborhood experts. Each agent understands their area in great depth and detail so they are able to help you with not only finding the right home but ensuring that it fits the lifestyle you are looking to create.

Packing and Organizing

This stage of the moving process can feel the most disorganized and chaotic. You will have innumerable items to sort through, boxes to pack, and decisions to make. Try to take an ordered approach to packing as this will make unpacking down the line easier too. Check out this article by RealSimple for packing strategies or use tried-and-true tactics like the KonMari method or three-box strategy to pack more efficiently. If you’re looking to hire professional movers our Concierge Services Coordinator is available to help you secure these types of services. Our Concierge Services can help alleviate a lot of stress and choice that you have to make during this time. Most recently, we’ve helped to find comfortable places for pets to stay during the transition, or more simply, we’ve connected our clients with the perfect pizza place in their new neighborhood for their “everything is in boxes” first day!

Managing Expectations

How easy your move goes depends entirely on your mindset and mental health. In addition to practicing self-care, it will be critical to manage your expectations through this transition. There will be ups and downs in the journey, and that’s okay. Just be sure to keep your existing commitments, duties, and deadlines top of mind, so you’re not missing things amidst the move. It will also be valuable to let your family in on any stressful elements so that you can lean on each other for support.

If you’re daunted at the time, effort, and money you’re going to have to expend on your relocation, take a breath. Yes, there will be some planning and preparation to get started on before the move, but leaning into these tips and the Lodestone team, is a huge step in your new direction!

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